How to care for synthetic hair wigs, extensions & hairpieces.

For the best care of your synthetic hair ellen wille recommends either the Perucci care set (shampoo, balm & conditioner), or the hair!power care set (shampoo, balm & conditioner) which is made with extracts of coconut and panthenol.

Before you commence cleaning, we would like to remind you that you should never use standard hair care products which are available in commercial stores. The structure of the fi bre can be permanently damaged when these products are used and consequently the longevity can not be guaranteed. Clean your wig regulary, however, do not wash it too often. Depending upon daily use, our recommendation is once per week. Avoid friction and heat from hair dryers, straightners and curling tonges. Take care when opening an oven, of steam near boiling water, in front of an open fi re, a spot light, solarium etc. Always brush with care.

  • Add a thimble-full of ellen wille shampoo into 1 litre of lukewarm water. Now softly shake the wig out and lay it in the shampoo bath. The shampoo has a self-cleaning effect – it does not need to be agitated or similar. After 10 minutes remove and thoroughly rinse the wig in clear lukewarm water. Do not rub or wring!

  • For a healthy shine, add a little ellen wille Balsam into 1 litre of lukewarm water. Allow 10 minutes for it to work and rinse again thoroughly. Allow it to dry naturally in the air. Do not subject the wig to additional heat or warmth! Drying the wig is quicker and easier when using an ellen wille Wig Stand.

    Never dry your ellen wille wig by rubbing it in a hand-towel and do not comb or brush it whilst still wet or damp!

  • ellen wille conditioner gives perfect protection and an additional sheen. Spray the strands and tips of the dry hair with conditioner from a distance of about 10 cm in short bursts. We recommend ellen wille vitalizing Hair Tip Liquid for use on long and curly hair models. Spread a couple of drops on the palm of the hand and work it into the tips of the hair. Do not rinse!

  • Styling gives the perfect fi nish to every hairstyle. Used sparingly, ellen wille hairspray or wet-gel gives the ideal hold.

    We wish you lots of enjoyment from your ellen wille model.