Care instructions for Prime Hair

Prime Hair is an innovative mix of human hair and natural-looking high-heat synthetic fibres. In combination, the advantages of both hair types come into play optimally. The Prime Power models are light, impress by their vivid colours, can be styled flexibly and thermoformed. Prime Hair is used throughout the wigs and hairpieces of the Prime Power collection. Prime Hair is durable and the models stay in good shape thanks to their memory effect. For Prime Hair wigs and models you can use the entire ellen wille Expert Care product range for human hair – e.g. Human Hair Shampoo, Human Hair Balm and Human Hair Care'n Repair Care. Classic shampoos and care products for natural hair are not appropriate.


How often should the Prime Hair be cleaned?

The intensity of use is decisive for the distance between the care intervals of your wig or hair piece made of Prime Hair. Regular cleaning will increase the lifespan of the hair and preserve its silky natural shine. The proportion of human hair is decisive for the choice of care products in Prime-Hair models. Use the ellen wille Expert Care products for human hair also for Prime Hair. Our recommendation for cleaning frequency also follows that of human hair. Wash your Prime Hair once or twice a week assuming an average daily use.


Step-by-step instructions for cleaning Prime Hair

  • Place the wig or hairpiece made of human hair on a styrofoam head. You can fix the second hair with a pin. Avoid stabbing the monofilament or the lace front.
  • Before washing, comb the hair with a soft brush with rounded bristles and carefully remove any knots. If there are any rests of styling products left in the hair, the wig shampoo will by itself dissolve them in the following wash.
  • Now moisten the Prime Hair of the wig or hairpiece by holding it under running, lukewarm water in the direction of fall – from the roots to the tips. Please do not place the model in a water bath.
  • Take a hazelnut-sized amount of ellen wille Human Hair Shampoo and gently rub it in from the roots to the tips. Please do not apply pressure when massaging in.
  • Rinse the ellen wille Human Hair Shampoo thoroughly under clear water until no shampoo residue is left.
  • Carry out a second treatment with ellen wille Human Hair Balm. Take up an amount of balm about the size of a hazelnut and gently stroke it again from the base towards the tips.
  • Rinse the human hair thoroughly a second time under clear, flowing water. Carefully pat the hair dry with a towel. Please do not rub or wring strongly.
  • Every fourth time you finish your treatment, use the ellen wille Human Hair Intensive Recovery Mask instead of the balm. This regenerates the hair and gives it moisture. Let the Recovery Mask take affect for 10 minutes. Then rinse the hair under lukewarm water and gently dab it off.
  • A special wig stand or head is ideal for air-drying the Prime Hair model. You can then style the hairpiece or wig as you wish.


Another care tip from the expert

The ellen wille Hair Tip Liquid is a hair tip fluid that gently coats the tips of the second hair and provides lasting protection against split ends, breakage and felting. Distribute a few drops of the liquid in your hand and gently work it into the tips. The Hair Tip Liquid from ellen wille is suitable for all types of second hair.