Shake it up, put it on and pull it into place - Done!

A wig is more than just an aid or a fashion accessory. A wig can improve the quality of life, enhance self-expression and become part of the personality. Thus, all ellen wille models are of the highest quality and very easy to handle. Just shake it up, put it on, pull it into place and you're perfectly styled and ready to go!

To help you when selecting the right hair type for you, there are valuable tips and some very useful information regarding caring for your wig, on the following pages. Proper care will extend the service life of your wig, whilst maintaining it’s beautiful shine and natural structure.

To help you select the right wig for you and your clients click here to learn more about the Processing differences between our wigs.

If you click on Hair Fibers and Materials, we will help you to decide if synthetic or human hair would be the right wig for you.

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