Meet us in Coventry

Meet the ellen wille team at a weekend showcase where everything is about the latest trends in hair design. This year, in addition to Top Power, our latest Hair Topper Collection, the focus will be on the innovative Perma Fit System for men. 

Pure Passion. Pure Power.

The finest of high-quality. The most splendid of magnificence. The Pure Power formula is as simple as brilliant: Only the best is good enough for this collection. Inspiration meets emotion. Quality you can see and feel. Pure passion. Pure Power.

Make a Change!

Being en vogue, beautiful and on the pulse of time. One aspect, countless possibilities. This is what the new Changes collection stands for. Be who you want to be! Discover the current lifestyle looks and choose your type. Make a change!


Fine nuances, small differences, that certain something. Ellen's Headwear means passion for chic, inspiring hats, caps and turbans. Soft feel-good materials in exciting colours and shapes. Whether you prefer subtle nuances or fashionable statements. With the new Ellen's Headwear Collection you can put yourself in the spotlight and underline your style. The 2019/20 Accents are made to feel good and fall in love!

PUREurope — The Gold Standard for Luxury

Elegant hair design and finest human hair of European origin. Elegance meets naturalness. Quality can be seen and felt. The new gold standard for luxury and comfort. Discover the premium looks from the new PUREurope Collection by ellen wille.

The perfect Mix

Inspiration meets innovation. Prime Hair is the perfect mix of finest human hair and heat-resistant synthetic fibres. Flexibility in styling and first-class workmanship meet elegance and beauty. Prime Power combines quality with top-fashionable hair designs. Discover the current collection. It's time for prime!

Power up your style!
The new HAIRPOWER collection has arrived.

Styles for every type. Looks for every occasion. We have devoted all our passion for hair design to this largest of all ellen wille collections. Discover HAIRPOWER!

The new Hair Society collection - untamed luxury

Look forward to the ultimate wearing comfort and enjoy the unique high class workmanship of incomparable soft materials. Get excited with untamed attraction, bracing variety and with deep passion for uncompromised luxury.


Rebellious, young and creative!

This is Perucci, be curious for more- look forward to new styles, and get ready for the next step. NEXT GENERATION WIGS- Perucci once again is the trend setter in the world of wigs!

Making-of-Video Perucci

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